Bauda – Sporelight

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Temple Of Torturous
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Released: 2015
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Vocalist/Guitarist – César Márquez
Bass – Juan Díaz
Drummer – Nikolas Recabarren
Keyboardist – Edgardo González


1. Aurora
2. Vigil
3. Sporelights
4. War
5. Tectonic Cells
6. Asleep In Layers
7. Dawn Of Ages

Hailing from Chile; Bauda is a band that has evolved from César Márquez solo project founded in 2006, into a fully functional band. “Sporelight” is their third album, which is a pleasant, comforting, and warm, in ways that only a prog rock album can be. Produced by René Rutten of Dutch alternative rock band The Gathering, the album takes its themes from “the perpetual struggles of men against the enslaving nature of modern societies”, which in itself is very gritty. These contrasting elements make for an album that carries you through dynamic guitar work, powerful beats and intimate melodies.

Opener “Aurora” is beautiful instrumental that welcomes us into “Sporelight” with open arms, and starts you on your journey through “Sporelight” The bass of Juan Díaz creates atmospheres with every string, that creates a world of sounds to become engulfed in. “Vigil” is a great track with some beautiful harmonies, which leads us into the title track “Sporelight” with its tuneful solo from Márquez’s guitar. It is the comforting and warm in its embrace and leaves you feeling whole, almost in a dream state.

“War” is toned down at first but then builds up, with Nikolas Recabarren’s drumming carrying the song along. It feels darker than the rest of the album, with César’s haunting vocals layered with keyboardist Edgardo González it becomes mesmerizing. In contrast “Tectonic Cells” is an energetic and emotional song, followed closely by “Asleep in Layers” which screams 80’s prog. It is covered in the spirit of the 80’s with its melody and style. We finish with “Dawn of Ages” which isn’t the strongest track to end on I’m afraid.

Bauda have produced a beautiful atmospheric album that was an enjoyable listen, the only downside is that it has a similar sound throughout. There were moments when it almost became back ground music, which is a shame.

Review by Joanna Wilson