Barzakh – In A Meaning The Note

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Hibernacula Records
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Released: 2014
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Band line-up:Barz

Getz – Bass, Drum programming
Agni – Vocals, Guitars


01. Shadow in the Grief
2. She’s Not Honoured
3. Hatred in Mourn Heart
4. The Valley of Unrest
5. A Place to Pray
6. The Satanic Place
7. Halutination of Psycho


I’ve come across very few bands from Indonesia so I was quite intrigued to see what Barzakh had to offer. Originally released in 2007, this album saw a reissue more recently via UK bale Hibernacula Records, a label I’m quite familiar with.

After several spins of the album I’m afraid there’s not really a lot to say. It’s a blend of black and death metal done in a raw fashion. It’s quite fragmented and has very few memorable moments.

There are times where a decent riff appears but generally these are lost in a mire of mediocrity. The vocals are suitably savage but perhaps a touch distorted for my liking. The drums sound programmed, which is fine but they have quite a stagnant and plastic sound which can easily be avoided in this day and age.

I listen to a hell of a lot of underground black metal and I truly admire what Barzakh are trying to do, but sadly the end result is bland and disjointed. So I’m sorry guys, this one isn’t doing it for me at all.

Review by Steve Blackwood