Baroness @ The Electric Ballroom, London

24th October 2013
Review by by Ashlinn Nash

The ballroom in Camden, has been used as a bit of everything from the early days of being a Irish Immigrant Social centre, a music practice space for musical legends such as ; Led Zepplin, The Clash and Frank Zappa before becoming a hub of night life for the alternative scene and of course the famous market. Tonight the bill contains two bands who are very familiar in performing side by side, Baroness and Royal Thunder – both from Georgia USA, having previously toured and carried out one off shows together.

Bracing the stage tonight first, are the female led progressive rock trio; Royal Thunder [3.5/5], who in the rock scene have become part of the Female Fronted Retro doom crowd [Jex Thoth, Purson, Jesse and the Ancient ones – being some of them].

Confirming their place within the scene; sounding like a cross between Jefferson air plane, Kylesa, The Kills and of course their own unique style, which is a cross between pure progression with the whirlwind of adrenaline, wrapping drum lines mixed with the gloriously silky bass lines and intrinsic vocal lines that flows like rich coffee among the abundant fabrics of guitar mastery.

The breakaway from CD to live performance has always been a bit of bone of contention among gig goers.

Here tonight the better on CD barrier has been broken by Royal thunders performance with their fresh and dynamic new take on the vocal styling, heavier bass lines and overall powerfulness creating a sound which which became very feral, more aggressive and packed full of energy that didn’t disappoint.

Delivering tracks from previous releases ; CVI [2012 studio release] such as; “No Good”, “Shake and shift” a longer version of the original Self titled EP [2011] release “Sleeping Witch”, “mouth of fire” among others.

Overall the performance from the support has been one of fun and enjoyment. With an undeniable confidence that oozed from the three- piece, who seem to have finally evolved into a comfortable line up, which transcends the previous studio works from the band and makes them truly an spectacular band to watch.

Up next are the mighty Baroness [4/5], after a line-up change and a new double album ; Yellow and Green, the American four piece broach the stage with both ownership and a determination to play their hearts out. The band who sound like a cross between Mastodon and Karnivool have over the years created a unique and engaging sound that works incredibly well both on record and proven tonight as well as the live scene.

Playing unusual tracks from the back catalogue such as “A horse called Golgotha”, “Isak”, as well as a rich variety of tracks from the newest release; such as “Green theme”, “March to the sea” and the popular from the bands tracks “Sea lungs”. With a light show on stage that is minimalist yet full of impact with its colour scheme to match the album names they were playing from. The tracks all played with a rich and enthusiastic display from the band, getting the crowd going with every chord

Whilst Encoring and ending on a high note with blue album classics “Jake Leg” and “the Sweetest curse”. With a crowd still revved up and demanding more the band are sad to part ways. Tonight has been a showcase of bands whose performances have been one of exciting and interesting in their own ways hosting both a flair and a display of musical skill and enjoyment from the bands themselves. From the rich caliber of the bands tonight it has become apparent, that these two bands are both a)incredibly hard working, b) incredibly enthusiastic and c) two of the best bands that you will see within the rock scene at the moment.

This Venue has been the home to a rich variety of acts and played host here tonight too two more that are sure to go into the history books and become part of the venue’s rich and engagingly entertaining tapestry and tonight’s audience have been lucky enough to take home part of this with them.