Baron – Torpor

Rating: 3,5/5
Released: 2015
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torporBand line-up:

Alex Crispin – vocals/guitars
Luke Foster – drums
Peter Evans – bass
Blue Firth – keyboards/synths


1. Dragonfly
2. Mark Makers
3. Wild Cry
4. Dark Down
5. Stry
6. Sleepless
7. Deeper Align
8. Albedo Dei


Saying that “Torpor” lives up to its name may be an exaggeration, but not by far. And not exactly in a bad way either. It’s just that Baron’s music has the ability to leave you boneless and make your thoughts drift away.

The rhythm section establishes a moderate but steady pace, which along the deep, almost chanting vocals have the clear intention of putting you in a state of trance. The guitar will whine a melancholic tune and then the organ will give it an introspective touch. This is the basic formula of “Torpor”, although the combination of elements varies, in order to produce distinct songs (no, this isn’t one of those albums where everything sounds the same). “Mark Maker” offers a few chord treats and then ends with a monastic organ piece. “Sleepless” has its main emphasis on the guitar, including a quite psychedelic solo. “Albedo Dei” is a lament, almost instrumental, while “Stry” is simply a sad song. And “Deeper Align”, although it starts with an upbeat groove, it gradually evolves into something tragic, more in accordance with the rest of the album.

It is said that Baron recorded parts of this album in Purton Green, and even if I’m not 100% sure of the veracity of it, I can relate the traditional, pastoral atmosphere of such place to the imaginary landscape Baron’s music will make you travel to. Their creativity could use a little more boldness, true, but it’s probably a matter of choice, not lack of imagination. Recommended for prog rock dreamers.

Review by Renata Lino