Bands Unite For Nepal Earthquake Relief

In the wake of two earthquakes that have devastated the people of Nepal, a collective of Boston-area promoters, bands and music industry people have come together, spurred into action to create the Metal For Nepal Benefit Concert.

Taking place at the legendary Middle East Night Club in Cambridge MA, the concert will be held as a matinee on June 20th from 12 noon – 4 PM. Topping the impressive bill will be Obsidian Tongue, followed by Native Construct, Caricature, Sonic Pulse and BruteMukti. The show is $10 and All Ages.
You can get tickets online here


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Link to the Facebook Event for Metal For Nepal here:

All proceeds will go toward the Jai Nepal Youth Club, No Silence for Nepal, WHR Nepal and Reaping Hope. Event co-promoters Kunjan Joshi (BruteMukti) and Kevin Brown feel these organizations are making an immediate impact to those in dire need right now and that is why these specific charities were chosen and are being supported by Metal For Nepal.

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Obsidian Tongue

Event co-promoter Kunjan Joshi captured the essence of the current plight of Nepal earthquake victims:

“Remote villages and settlements are still untouched as a result of earthquake and landslides making access to these places very risky and limited. What we are trying is to provide these places with immediate relief. A dollar in Nepal converts to NRs 100 so a $100 in Nepal is NRs. 10,000 which is a lot of money there.”

“The issue right now is that if you send aid to some of the existing orgs, ngo, and ingos collecting funds, those funnel into the Prime Minister fund.”

“As of press time the Prime Minster fund has received millions of dollars so far, but there isn’t a plan yet to move to action those funds into tangible help. No public statement has been made yet on a timetable to disperse the funds to organizations that can help, especially people in remote regions who are suffering badly. We have a mission to help as much as we can, as fast as we can. Literally every friend is on the field. So that’s the best way to help now: equip them with funds, medicines and supplies to help people right now at this crucial time following the earthquakes.”

Event co-promoter Kevin Brown commented on the mission of Metal For Nepal:

“From the music that drives our hearts and minds, to the scene that we are the water to its rivers, we want to use our passion to help those on the other side of the world. Nepal’s rivers are dirty with what’s left of their shattered worlds, and we can use our rivers to help clarify theirs, put their worlds back together. Metal for Nepal is our desalinization plant, our efforts to cleanse what we can as we mosh and head-bang the day away.”

There is also a benefit compilation organized by Metal for Nepal performers BruteMukti featuring Nepalese metal bands dubbed Nepal Earthquake Relief. You can donate and download the collection from Bandcamp here. Physical copies will also be available for purchase at the Metal For Nepal, with all the proceeds going to the charity.

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