Back To The Black Tour 2013 @ The Underworld, London

With Vader, Aborted, Bonded by Blood
8th February 2013
Review by Lily Randall

Thanks to a killer line up and the perfect timing of another gig announcement (cough, Carcass), Camden is buzzing with death metal disciples, creating a sell-out show for the Underworld. Bonded by Blood seem slightly out of place on the line-up with their straight up thrash metal, but the California kids still play to a half full venue and get the pit pumping…

After a line-up change in 2010, the promising new act started to dwindle and ‘The Aftermath’ received poor reviews due to its lack of punch. Unfortunately the band has taken it on themselves to play a set mostly consisting of tracks from the third full-length, which is a shame after the promise from the previous releases.

They don’t seem fazed though, as where the songs lack aggression, the band make up for in energy on stage with vocalist Mauro Gonzales bouncing around like a hyperactive puppy.

Aborted seem much more palatable for the collective’s taste tonight and continue to prove themselves as one of the most consistent live acts around.
The Dutch death metallers’ 2012 onslaught ‘Global Flatline’ was a top contender and sounds just as evil live with tracks such as ‘Fecal Forgery’ and ‘The Origin of Disease’ oozing with technical torture and blastbeats galore.

A few people are witnessed being hauled out of an insane pit with injuries and it’s fair to say that if you’re not warmed up and ready for

Vader, is due to being unconscious and nothing more.
With over two decades in the business, you know tonight’s set from Vader will be monolithic, either through previous reviews or faith in their musicianship and this is confirmed from the opening riff.

Although the band has been through many line-up changes, their current assembly of metal men are as tight as ever and attack from the word go. A few exhibits off of most recent album are displayed with the same ferociousness as on record and makes for an array of atmospheres throughout the Vader history.
‘Back to the Blind’ and ‘Sothis’ prove why they keep the “classic” title, with consistent pummelling and Piotr –frontman and only original member- continues to demolish everyone’s ear canals with lurid growls.

If you don’t leave tonight utterly pumped and slight deaf, then the closing cover of Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ has lost its touch.