Author, Danielle Farman, Chats to Katherine Tullett

Title: Blood And Milk, Tainted Dreams: 1

Author: Danielle Farman

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Briefly, can we have a synopsis of the book?
Maya’s quiet life changes beyond recognition when she meets and falls in love with Adrian. Just when she thinks her life of loneliness and pain is over, she learns that Adrian has a secret. The shy but sexy guitarist is tormented by blood lust. He and his fellow band members are vampires. Their leader, Nicholas, believes they are messengers of God sent to do His will by murdering the sinners of the world. Maya fights for her life and sanity as she tries to save Adrian from Nicholas’ grasp.

Why this genre of writing?
My usual favourite genre to write is horror, but for some reason the strongest story in my mind was this one, and it is a dark, paranormal romance story. My mind chooses these things for me! I have no control!

Vampire themes and genres of this kind are quite common at the moment, what sets you aside from the rest?
I tried to not ‘sugar-coat’ my vampires like many new vampire stories have done. My novel is also very gothic. Something I find these new vampire novels lack.

The title says “:1” is there more to be expected from you?
Yes! Part two, ‘The Fall of Grace’ is still so come!

Release date for future books?
Blood and Milk part two is due to be released on the 15th of October!

Can we expect anything new in part 2?
Oh yes! It is about to go from bad to worse for my characters! I am lovely, really…

What inspired you to start writing?
I have always enjoyed writing. Ever since I was about five I loved telling stories, and writing them in school. What inspired me to start writing a novel that I planned on actually finishing and trying to get published was encouragement from my family.

How long were you writing for?
The whole of Blood and Milk, parts one and two, probably took the best part of a year to write. It was on and off due to a lot going on in my life at that time.

Do you enjoy the writing process? What keeps you going? Ever get writers block?
I adore writing. I can start writing early in the day and before I know it, the sun has set and I am wondering why I am so hungry! I forget about the world around me. All that exists is at my fingertips and in my own mind when I write. My boyfriend is great for encouraging me to write. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing, or the thoughts stop flowing. He knows me better than I know myself. He tells me as soon as I sit down and try the story will just…flow. Like all writers, I get writers block. What a bloody pain it is! Discussing my ideas with my boyfriend, or going for a walk and listening to music often helps me.

Are any of the events of characters based on real life?
Vaguely, yes. The main character, Maya, has the physical appearance I always dreamed of having when I was younger. There are parts of me in all of my characters. I have been told by my friends who have read Blood and Milk that I act a lot like Maya as I am stubborn, but I am also a sulk and a nerd like Adrian. But I am awesome, honest! Religion played a big part in my life growing up, and it always terrified me. Some people use it to do good, but others use it as a good excuse to do bad. I portrayed my fears of this happening in my novel. The church Maya visits is based on a real place, but in a different location. I also added in how it feels to be out casted and bullied for being different. Some of the experiences of the characters in terms of being bullied did happen.

If you could live a day as one of you characters, who would it be and what would you do?
Some of them have a God awful time of it! So I won’t choose them. I would have to say Yasmin. She is so happy and care free! I have always been quite an anxious and shy person, so to have her confidence for a day would be great!

Are you pleased with the reception you received from part one?
Yes! I tend to doubt myself, so I was surprised people bought it and read it…and actually said they enjoyed it! I even received an email from a girl who said she associated with one of the characters and it made her feel less alone. That meant so much to me.

Was it nice to have a little break from writing or were you excited to get into part 2?
Actually, there was no break! Blood and Milk was originally one, long story. It was far too long to be released as the one novel, so I split it into two parts.

Is there anyone you would like to thank/any final words?
Thank you to all those who have encouraged me along the way. And a huge thank you to those who have read my novel! It is so uplifting. Thank you!