Aura – Deliverance, by Shelia Hamilton

Track Listing:
1. The Arrival
2. In My Memories
3. Egypt’s Call
4. The Eden’s Tree
5. Efraim
6. A Candle’s Dream
7. The Bridge Of Silence
8. The Glorious Day
9. The Last Stand
10. Resurrection

Aura are:
Giovanni Trotta – Drums, Lead & backing vocals
Angelo Cerquaglia – Bass Guitar
Giuseppe Bruno – Guitars
Francesco Di Verniere – Keyboards & Synths

Deliverance is the 2nd album from Aura. It’s an oniric concept album telling of a man’s dream: he travels through Palestine and lives again the sufferings of the Israeli people and Jesus Christ himself to reach his redemption, at the end.

Each song has its own separate style and the album flows seamlessly from track to track as it progresses. It takes you on a melodic journey of 70’s psychedelic keyboard inspired progressive rock along with thought provoking lyrics. It is a beautiful created album.

If you enjoy bands like Queensryche, Spock’s Beard, Genesis, ELP, Yes then this is an album you want to listen to. It’s a good album to listen to all the way through or just play your favourites tracks.