AU CHAMP DES MORTS reveal a new song

The impressive French band, AU CHAMP DES MORTS, are premiering a second excerpt taken off their already critically acclaimed debut album.


With this richly emotive song, “Le Sang, La Mort, La Chute”, you get the opportunity to discover the melancholic universe of this talented band influenced by such varied Artists as BATHORY, AND ALSO THE TREES, SISTERS OF MERCY, ALCEST, CELTIC FROST or THE DEVIL’S BLOOD.

Magnificently produced at Drudenhaus Studio (SETH…) and mastered at Upload Studio (BLUT AUS NORD), “Dans La Joie” contains 7 breathtaking creations :

1. Nos Décombres
2. Après Le Carnage
3. Le Sang, La Mort, La Chute
4. Contempler L’Abime
5. Dans La Joie
6. L’Etoile Du Matin
7. La Fin Du Monde

The splendid visual Art was crafted by notorious Artist Dehn Sora (BLUT AUS NORD…).

Available for preorder right now on Digipack CD, Gatefold 2×12″ LP, special edition Gatefold 2×12″ LP (ltd. to 66 handnumbered copies) and Digital, this magistral first opus will be released on CD/Digital on January 27th. Both vinyl versions release date are yet to be confirmed but should follow as fast as possible.

The vinyl versions contain one bonus track : “Driven Like The Snow” (SISTERS OF MERCY cover).

A few copies of “Le Jour Se Lève” 7″ EP are still available as well the digital edition on Bandcamp and through all the best digital platforms.


AU CHAMP DES MORTS started up in August 2014 when Stefan Bayle (ANOREXIA NERVOSA) and Migreich (VULV) first met during an underground festival in France. From the very beginning, the band unveils an extremely assertive personality, forged in analog sound and integrity, deeply rooted in the underground, as well as in the soil of Limousin and Auvergne, and backed up by solid musical foundations, including post black metal, old school black metal, early hard rock and cold wave.

In less than one year, AU CHAMP DES MORTS composed more than one hour of profound and lively music, and when the line-up was completed by the arrival of Wilheim (NEURASTHENIE, EXECUTION) on drums and Cécile G (OLEN’K, ANOREXIA NERVOSA) on bass , the band eventually recorded its first demo in October 2015, and now gets ready to hit the road and record a debut album.

::Debemur Morti Productions::