Attica Rage @ Camden Underworld

2nd of June 2012 – Review by Ben Spencer

After entering a less than half packed venue, the intimately filled Camden Underworld is set for a night of hard rocking acts to brighten the gloomy wet weather in London today. After buying a drink and patiently waiting for the performances to start Zodiac N Black enter the stage in well timed fashion.The band waste no time in delivering a signature style of hard rock anthemic choruses and post-grunge induced riffs, as the crowd gathers to the sound of Zodiac N Black’s calling. What can be found instantly with their song structures is a strong craftsmanship for song writing stripped away of all pretentiousness. The vocalist displays a strong emphasis upon stage presence as the guitarist bursts into some well executed lead guitar moments as well as providing some crunchy guitar hooks to get the crowd nodding along in approval.

In between songs, a fan from hails out an approving “Fuck Yeah” which as far as reception goes is a sure sign that these guys have certain strength for roping the crowd in.

Pushing their set forward, a strong influence of Buck Stone Cherry, Sound garden and influences that flow in the same vein as Led Zeppelin can be dissected from the solid grunge bass grooves and drumming that would get Chris Connell standing to attention.

There songs also display a firm grasp of melody from the guitarist’s clean passages and interludes, whilst tracks like ‘Bastinado’, showcase a heavier and more hard-rocking aura that is in itself a force to reckoned with.

Next up, headliners Attica Rage receive a mass applause by their on-looking fan base.
The Scottish quartet burst forth with a pulsating energy of speedy drums, metallic riffs and soaring vocals. After their opener it becomes clear that these guys know how to shift the pace into fifth gear and it is with this format that their set charges forward. Keeping the adrenaline going and never shying away from metal undertones of pitch harmonics and drum solo’s in between songs these guys have moulded a water- tight sound that wouldn’t sound out of place at any decent rock and metal club. But it is that biker rock signature style that resonates within their style that is guaranteed to get any party started.

Vocally, each song feels filled with grandeur and precision, while technically everything else feels in place. This level of musicianship makes you wonder why the venue isn’t more packed out, but the head banging crowd at the front of the venue keep the energy racing and momentum going. These guys are definitely a band that surprised me and who are utterly impossible not to become pulled in by.

Final word, a great performance from two bands that both deserve an arena filled army of cult followers at their shows. With the British rock scene becoming saturated with mediocre talent, it is bands like Zodiac N Black and Attica rage that are genuinely needed to inject some organic talent back into the music industry and it is that quality that is both rare and should be nurtured.