Asking Alexandria – Stepped Up and Scratched by Jo Blackened


1. A Single Moment Of Sincerity (KC Blitz Remix)
2. Another Bottle Down (Tomba Remix)
3. Reckless And Relentless (Document One Remix)
4. I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King (Robotsonic Remix)
5. To The Stage (Bare Remix)
6. A Lesson Never Learned (Celldweller Remix)
7. Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel) (Borgore Remix)
8. A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta (Run DMT Remix)
9. If You Can’t Ride Two Horses At Once…You Should Get Out Of The Circus (Noah D Remix)
10. I Used To Have A Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD) (Big Chocolate Remix)
11. Dear Insanity (Revaleso Remix)
12. Not The American Average (J. Rabbit Remix)
13. Morte et Dabo (Sol Invicto Remix)
14. Closure (Mecha Remix)
15. A Prophecy (Big Chocolate Remix)
16. A Lesson Never Learned (Sol Invicto Remix)


Danny Worsnop-Vocals
Ben Bruce – Guitar
Cameron Liddell – Guitar
Sam Bettley – Bass
James Cassells – Drums

Hmm why am I reviewing this metalcore/screamo album when I usually hate these bands & have nothing good to say about them in general?…It could be because it was sitting in my reviewing folder for awhile or the fact I was asked to review it…when in actual fact I have to admit seeing the artists involved got my interest and after hearing one of the tracks I found this remix to be pretty awesome!!

That’s the thing with ‘remix’ albums, it’s either a hit or miss and ‘Stepped Up and Scratched Remix Album’ is done really well, with some amazing artists collaborating inc Celldweller Born of Osiris, Big Chocolate, Tomba and one of my fave Dubstep artists Boregore, so it was no surprise that I loved this remix album.

Asking Alexandria are a very well known and popular British band who exploded onto the scene in only 2009 and in only two years have already an incredible music career with the guys touring across the United States, with bands such as, Enter Shikari, A Static Lullaby, Alesana and many more.
2010 was once again touring and writing and gaining even more fans and have now released this remixed album.

Now…although I have given this a high rating I have to say I expect mixed views on this album, with some of their loyal fans wondering what the hell they are doing and will probably want to throw the cd across the floor and will be left with a very unimpressed taste in their mouths!…But I liked it and considering that I don’t even like Asking AlexandriavI’m probably not the best person to listen to on this, but I think the screamo/metalcore aspects of this band seems to work brilliantly with the dancey/dubstep tracks and this album and does a pretty good job bringing the metalcore and dance fans together in perfect harmony, do we have harmony?
….I am very much prepared for everyone to disagree with me now!

Confused and unsure?…Then give the album a listen for yourself!