As Light Dies – The Love Album – Volume 1 by Demitri Levantis

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Maa Productions
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Released: October 2014
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aslightdiesBand line-up:

Jose Yuste – Bass
Pablo Parejo – Drums
Nightmarer – Guitars, Vocals
Jesus Villalba – Violin
Daniel Maqueda – Keyboards


1. We are all Destined for Grief
2. Orpheus Mourning
3. Blow of Loss
4. Together as One
5. When Distance Becomes Real
6. Your Wake
7. No Pain at Sleep
8. Nemesis
9. Acceptance
10. Farewell from Distant Shores


Spanish outfit As Light Dies, have made a name for themselves fusing traditional black metal with doom and gothic sounds to deliver deep and meaningful stories of depression and loss. And here on their third release: THE LOVE ALBUM – VOLUME 1, we have a set of gothic love stories told in a way that will warm the hearts of any vampire buffs or fans of Skinny Puppy, Combichrist and Poisonblack.

We begin with an opening soundbite with an actor who sounds so much like Vincent Price, you’d think you were listening to one of his readings of Edgar Allan Poe. Then we descend into true Gothic Black Metal with ‘Orpheus Mourning’ and its powerful vocals and galloping drums. ‘Together as One’ and ‘Your Wake’ continue this vibe and the keyboards and electronic instruments take on a wider role that gives the album depth.

All the odd numbered tracks on this album are soundbites telling the album’s concept of a couple lost in love and scared of commitment or what might come about if they proclaim their true feelings for one another. As Light Dies are trying their best to tell a good story of romance and lust by exhibiting as many different influences in so few tracks. This is a good thing and they do it in a way where the songs do not become too surreal for the average listener.

As a keen fan of gothic rock and black metal, this album is how you fuse the two together nicely and add in enough of the other scenes in the gothic canon to bring your stories of vampires and dark romance to people from all over the alternative circuit. Well done As Light Dies.

Review by Demitri Levantis