ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN Posts ‘Labrinyth’ Drum Playthrough’ and Weekend Show Date with Cancer Bats and MuleFest In Edmonton

 Arrival of Autumn have posted a new drum playthrough by drummer Ty Fox for their track ‘Labrinyth’, which is from their latest album ‘Shadows’, released last year and available on Bandcamp here. The band will also be playing this weekend supporting Cancer Bats in Grande Prairie, AB on June 27th at Better Than Fred’s as well as performing other Alberta dates.

Arrival Of Autumn

Upcoming Show Dates:
June 27 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s w/ Cancer Bats – Event info here.
July 12 – Edmonton, AB – YEG Event Centre / Flow Lounge @ Mule Fest w/ Brothers Grim, Dusty Tucker, Elements, The Most Of August, Last Horizon & The Nasty Boys and more – Event info here.
Spooky Owls

Track Listing – Shadows
1. DanmnedNation (3:08)
2. Selfish Sanity (4:25)
3. Labryinth (4:21)
4. Forget Me Now (3:32)
5. Endless Nights (4:19)
6. Like Fire (3:22)
7. The Court Of Owls (4:10)
8. Shadows (5:01)
9. There’s No Angels Here (3:57)
10. Fall In Ashes (4:28)
Since early 2011, Grand Prairie, AB’s Arrival of Autumn has been shaking up the Canadian prairies with their heavy riffs, hooky vocals and speed demon double kicks. Their versatile headbanging tunes has made them accessible to fans of rock to the most hardcore death metal moshpit.
A band name inspired by Opeth lyric’s (thanks to drummer Ty Fox) and influenced by various genres ranging from melodic death to groove metal to progressive to rock n’ roll, AOA’s catalogue has grown rapidly with two self-releases in 2014. First it was their debut EP ‘Endless Nights’ in March followed by their ten track full length ‘Shadows’ in September.
“We are just trying to make a record that’s a little different than what’s going on at the moment. It’s no secret there is an abundance of the exact same thing floating around and we would never add to that. We wanted to give them something exciting and different to listen to. The good thing about our album is you can take any 3 songs put them together and it’s great. Our CD doesn’t rely on having only a few good songs. Every song has the potential to be a single. It can be received any way and people will get what AOA is all about.” comments AOA vocalist Ty Fox.
Touching on personal issues to triumphing demons as a band, ‘Shadows’ with a dash of dark lyrics and tracks such as The Court Of Owls to There’s No Angels Here to the infectious chorus of Like Fire demonstrates AOA are not just evolving, but  are a live force raging to be discovered by the masses.
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“Shadows” is an album that stands out” – Nataliez World
“If you’re all about Metal, check out Arrival of Autumn. Hailing from Grande Prairie, they have all the double kick pedal you’ll ever need” – Public Records
“Exciting, Bold, catchy as fuck and just plain heavy” – Brutal Reviews