Are you ready to be tortured?!.. By Sarah Willoughby

(Drawing by Callow Lily)
……Well are you?
Amongst the hundreds of ambitious young designers to hit the internet ‘Torture Couture’ struck me to be painfully fascinating.
Originally from Arizona, USA, Torture Couture is currently two person operations who were inspired by many things, such as old Hollywood glamour, vintage, death and gothic culture- like a cross over between Rob Zombie and Hollywood legend Bette Davis.
Their handmade designs remind me of a perfect bowl of fashionable salad which includes sexy 1940’s pin-ups and the seductive lace of Burlesque with an Alice in Wonderland dressing!
You don’t believe then check them out for yourself,, their wide range of handmade glam will have you on your knees begging for more once you set your eager sites on their mad hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hairclips etc.
If you so purchase an item from Torture Couture, I suggest that you live up to its glamorous name and jewellery.
I advice that you wear a low cut, tight eye-catching dress or corset to compliment the necklace or ring purchased, use the Victorian age or Marie Antoinette as an inspiration. Remember those women from the past ages use to be pulled in at the waist and pushed out at the breasts and hips by luxurious whale-boned Basque with a divine eye-popping cleavage for their necklace to rest comfortably upon! These days the same look can be achieved by a good corset and confidence!

Take a look at these pictures below to see if these gives you an idea.

Yet if you’re going to wear their hair pieces like a hat or clip, I suggest that you take a page or two out of Dita Von Teese’s book!
If you have one of their miniature hats please don’t hesitate to introduce volume to your hair, try some loose yet seductively bouncy curls, keep it tamed but make the look seem effortless. Or attempt to bring a little more glamour to your look by attaching your hair clip to the side of a tightly positioned beehive.
Check out these examples set by Torture Couture.

So if you’re a fan of Gothic glamour and sexy-1940’s Hollywood then check out their official website.

To rap my review up I would just like to thank Torture Couture for allowing me to use these photographs in my review. Credits go out to Torture Couture and their showcase of items present, the photographers who took these amazing photographs and the models featured (Bindi-Baby, Whisper, Billie Darling, Frenchie from, Starla and Taylor Wane)!
Thank you all!