Swedish melodeath upstarts Archaea are proud to present a track from their upcoming début album Catalyst, now premièring over at Metal Underground. “Silhouette” is a thundering yet symphonic affair with impressive orchestral work from keyboardist Hannes Heidarsson, while his brother Markus lays down thick grooving riffs. Vocalist Nils Bossius delivers a unique throaty rasp atop the track. 

Archaea album


Metal Underground comments: “These Swedes roll out a thrashy style of melodeath, with orchestral strains to counterbalance the harsh ’n’ heavy.


Stream the track here:


Archaea was founded in 2007 by the Heidarsson brothers Hannes and Markus, on keyboard and guitar. After a few intense formative years in the Gothenburg underground scene, Archaea set its sights putting their songs to tape. During this process Archaea was radically reshaped, with half the original lineup making way for new talent in guitarist Magnus Lindegård, drummer Alexander Molnar, bassist Richard Mikulasi and former guitarist Nils Bossius Klintenberg switching to take center stage as vocalist.


Despite little studio experience, they built their own studio to record the first album Catalyst during 2014. With the help of Johan Treptow for mixing and mastering, and with original artwork by Demithréa Mikulasi, Catalyst has turned out to be a creation that surpassed expectations.


Catalyst is an album that showcases the current form of Archaea, as well as capturing material from throughout the band’s existence. Ranging from crushing darkness to brilliant melody, with sharp contrasts and fluently shifting dynamics, Catalyst constitutes an intense musical journey. Archaea is now eager to unleash their unique form of melodic death metal upon the world!


Archaea are:
Nils Bossius – Vocals

Hannes Heidarsson – Keyboard

Markus Heidarsson – Guitar

Magnus Lindegård – Guitar

Richard Mikulasi – Bass

Alexander Molnar – Drums



Catalyst – 2015

Evolution EP – 2009

Primary Excavation demo – 2007

Original artwork by Demithréa Mikulasi. Photography by Jessica Blomé.

Archaea online:
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Twitter – @ArchaeaSwe

Instagram – @ArchaeaSwe