Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Avantgarde Music
Released: 2014
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Arcana Coelestia
Arcana Coelestia

PV – drums
MZ – guitars, bass, effects, keyboards
RM – vocals


1. Nomas I
2. Nomas II
3. Nomas III
4. Nomas IV
5. Nomas V




Hailing from Cagliari, Italy, the doomsters Arcana Coelestia have just released their third full-length “Nomas” in October via Avantgarde Music which is, by the way, launching great albums this year.

The album kicks off practically with a sad and melancholic guitar solo that evolves to a passage delivered almost in the same way but with the addition of condemned and painful vocals which are accompanied precisely by the lead guitar that started off this first track, “Nomas I”. After this beginning which offers a fast and energetic doom metal – without betraying the genre’s essence –, the track also deals with a slower passage that’s so typical of funeral doom metal, but filled with an atmospheric taste. The clean vocals are also part of this moment, but they will eventually be complemented by the growls.

In “Nomas IV” it’s possible to find some black metal due to the fastness of the drums and due to the powerful guitars that for instants put the sad melody aside. In this track, it’s also perceptible the inclusion of somehow dissonant keyboards. Overall, the song ends to be dissonant and presented in a different tone from the rest of the record – still, it fits.

Talking about that element – the keyboard –, it is part of the atmosphere that Arcana Coelestia want to create, being sometimes more celestial, like in “Nomas II”, without taking off the mordant sorrow of the environment.

This new full-length is finished by an inquisitive song once again packed of lead guitars, but this time not so melodic than before. The last two tracks of “Nomas” are proof that the album becomes darker, faster and emotionally destructive, in spite of a sudden finale comprised by a calm orchestration.