A compilation of ANCST‘s efforts, In Turmoil, is a scathing and tragic experience projected through fierce, melodic black metal spattered with crust; the likes of which are only born from the cold depths of Germany. Ancst

“ANCST have a strong, consistent, and growing style that hits a very sweet spot. Certainly if you’re interested in any combination of black metal and punk or crust it’s worth taking note of and I definitely suggest supporting this group.”
Summoning Spirits.

Founded in 2011 as a side project by members of Afterlife Kids and Henry Fonda, ANCST is a collective from Germany with a lyrical focus on social and political topics as well as personal struggle. The guitar work of multi-instrumentalist Tom, also a member of Henry Fonda, is anchored in steady, pounding tremolos reminiscent of early Amon Amarth and shrouded in thrashy, black crust. This is a perfect complement to the relentless, blasting, pattering kit and Torsten’s crusty, dry shrieks.

ANCST hits that sweet spot between fierce melodic black metal & dark metallic hardcore crust, fusing together extreme metal and hardcore socialization

In Turmoil features the ‘Humane Condition EP’, the songs from the splits with Hiveburner, Smutecni Savnost, the first demo, some compilation tracks and one unreleased track.

In Turmoil LP is limited to 130 white, 392 black and 33 hand numbered testpress editions,

The official worldwide release date is August 31 2014