ANCIENT BARDS – IN MY ARMS – Official Videoclip

Ancient Bards, Limb Music and Rockshots Music Management are proud to present the video clip of “In My Arms” the first single from the band’s new album “A New Dawn Ending,” which is coming out on April 25th in Europe and Japan and on June 10th in North America.

“In My Arms” is the dejected and resigned inner cry of Queen Shena, as her aching eyes with which she saw her son Surod (Dorus) pass away 16 years ago are tormented once again as she must now bear witness to the anguishing duel between Daltor and Sendor. The video was directed by Matteo Ermeti.

Ancient bards cover


Tracklist of A New Dawn Ending:

01 – Before the Storm  (1:39)
02 – A Greater Purpose (7:55)
03 – Flaming Heart (6:52)
04 – Across This Life (4:31)
05 – In My Arms (5:25)
06 – The Last Resort (6:06)
07 – Showdown (12:48)
08 – In the End (5:11)
09 – Spiriti Liberi (4:49)
10 – A New Dawn Ending (16:37)


Ancient Bards – A New Dawn Ending [Samples]

A Greater Purpose – Click To Listen
The Last Resort [feat. Fabio Lione] – Click To Listen
Across This Life – Click To Listen

A New Dawn Ending containing the third and last chapter of the first part of the Black Crystal Sword Saga, which began with The Alliance of the Kings in 2010 and continued with Soulless Child in 2011. Cover art designed by the master Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody)

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