Ancestros Cord Interview

Interview by Jarod Lawley
We spoke to genre-encompassing three piece Ancestros Cord about their hometown, influences and hopes for the future.

For our readers who haven’t heard you, could you please introduce Ancestros Cord?

Ancestros Cord is a neopsychedellic 3 piece rock band rooted in the oldest city in the states, St. Augustine FL. We’ve been playing together for about a year and a half and we bring a rich history of musical experiences to the experimental rock petri dish.

Lyrically and musically, what vibes and atmospheres do you aim to create?

So much of a band’s sound has to do with the chemistry between the players. Ozzie is a very passionate writer and guitar player. He looses himself when he plays. Ozzie is the primary composer in Ancestros Cord and he brings so much soul to our songs.
I’m (Kevin) a therapist (mental health), so lyrically I pull from a mix of themes that people share with me in sessions as well as random ideas that percolate from the collective subconscious. I keep my bass playing straight up and in the pocket. Justin (drums) brings an avalanche of energy, he’s a hard hitting pile driver. When we jam, we try and tap into a mystical energy that takes our songs wherever they choose to go.

You are very inspired by your home town, St. Augustine, Florida, what is it about the town’s history that intrigues you so much?

St. Augustine is celebrating its 450th anniversary this year which makes it the oldest settlement/town in   The States. I’ve always felt a spiritual/psychic connection to this town. It may be due to St. Augustine being the most haunted town in the U.S. It could be that it is located on a powerful ley line…all I can say is that I’m meant to live here and I think that everyone in the band feels the same way. There is an energy the emanates from this area that feels broody, mysterious, beautiful, and at time disconcerting – all of that energy seeps into Ancestros Cord’s music.

Do you think environments have a big impact on the music people make?

Definitely! How many times have you heard of bands traveling to various places in the world to record? Think of how the desert inspired U2’s Joshua Tree and look at Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways. At this time in our lives we have full time jobs, families, and more responsibility then we bargained for. So when we can disappear into song and performance, we sometimes find ourselves in a euphoric state, and that’s the environment we want to share with our fans.

Do you feel Ancestros Cord would have formed in any other place? If so, what would be different?

No, we happened to be in the right place at the right time. A series of syncronicities brought this band together and when the universe gives you a sign, it’s rude to pass up that kind of opportunity. Every band is a product of their internal and external environments. Ancestros Cord exists here and now because it’s meant to be.

The members of the band are all influenced by different artists, how does this affect your sound? Does it make it more varied?

I really dig the tribal heavy sound of Killing Joke, the driving noise of The Jesus and Mary Chain, the wall of shoegaze created by My Bloody Valentine, and the trippy stoner rock sound of Kyuss. Ozzie is more influenced by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Sonic Youth and Tool. We all love The Doors and we also pull from more atmospheric bands such as Mogwai, Sigur Ros and Pelican. With those influences I’d say our songs vacillate between a dreamy gothic vein and a pulsating hypnotic rock sound.

Apart from music and St Augustine, what are your interests? Do these inspire the sounds you create too?

We all work really hard, and we are dedicated to our families, so when we make the time to create music we go all in. We are fascinated by sound. It could start with the rhythm of a washing machine or the hum of crickets, next thing you know a song starts taking shape. When your personal time is at a premium you really appreciate the moment when inspiration hits, so we ride that wave a far as it will take us.

As a fairly new band, how would you describe your journey so far?

It’s been a fulfilling adventure. Ancestros Cord has graced me with the ability to evolve from a heavy metal vocalist (check out my metal band Pseudocidal) to a singer/bassist with a whole new canvas to work with. When Ozzie breaks out his lush pedalboard and starts in with his infinite guitar effects, we never know where his creative energy will take us. We’ve been killing it live and people have been feeling our vibe so the plan is to continue our momentum and keep building our fan base!

Where are you hoping to progress in the next couple of years? Do you have any particular goals you wish to fulfill?

With an album worth of material, we need to record. We’re planning to get into the studio to lay down a couple of songs with a respected producer in the area and then promote our release with a tour around Florida/Georgia. We’re always enhancing our performance to add more of a transcendental feel to our shows. Ultimately, we want as many people to hear our music as possible!

What would be your dream band to share the stage with? What countries do you wish to tour in the future?

Pink Floyd!

We’d love to tour Spain, Ireland, Japan, as well as sacred places throughout the world (Glastonbury Tor, Sedona, near the Mahabodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, India – the list goes on)

Where can our readers go to keep up to date with and to hear more of Ancestros Cord?

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Keep your eyes open for our YouTube channel where we’ll be posting excerpts from our live shows as well as a video for our first single “As We”.