ALUNAH – White Hoarhound CD (Re-issue)

Rating:   2/5

Released: 2015
Band Website:

PicBand line-up:

Soph Day – Vocals & Guitar
Dave Day – Guitar
Dan Burchmore – Bass
Jake Mason – Drums


01 Demeter’s Grief
02 White Hoarhound
03 Belial’s Fjord
04 The Offering
05 Chester Midsummer Watch Parade
06 Oak Ritual I
07 Oak Ritual


When first playing this album, I couldn’t help but feel I had heard this before, then it hit me, The Crow soundtrack!
If you can imagine Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls, Joy Division mix had a love child with Rollings band – Ghost rider you could imagine some serious potential for this album.

Well that is until the vocals kick in. When I say kick in, I actually mean drone in on the level of monotone dull flat! (Yes I named that to review this album) What you now have is a love child that should have great genetics but it took all the bad DNA and came out a screaming hideous obnoxious child!

To be frank, the music sounded so similar though out when I skipped to another track half way through my nephew made a comment a few minuets later that the song went on forever, he hadn’t realised it was a different song. By the end of the album I felt the same way and in my head had sung “Second verse, same as the first. I’m henry the 8 I am…” a few dozen times!

However, to be fair, I do fear this is one of those albums that would be better live when caught up in the atmosphere of it all, it just doesn’t translate very well for me when not in the full live music experience setting.

If the opportunity comes along to see them live I would be willing to test this theory, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to add this to my music collection, despite the artwork on the cover being absolutely amazing!

Review by Anita Lyons