Almighty COVEN to Play Roadburn Festival 2017!

Classic occult themed metallers COVEN, led by the High Priestess of Occult JINX DAWSON, to play Roadburn Festival 2017 in The Netherlands!



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JINX DAWSON‘s message to her Cherished Friends:
“Roadburn Festival’s intrepid ring master, Walter, hath stirred us from our COVEN lair. We shall be performing a musickal ritual for the first time in many ages.We are wickedly delighted to travel to the Netherlands for this very special festival concert, and to bring our musickal form of Witchcraft once again to the live stage.”

Roadburn’s PR team are delighted to have COVEN on the lineup commenting: ‘Devil Horns, the Left Hand Path, Satanic Rituals, Black Magick, Sexuality, and a seminal debut-album that has had a lasting appeal since 1969.  COVEN’s Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls was not only ahead of its time, the iconoclastic troupe – helmed by high priestess, and the original wicked woman, JINX DAWSON – heavily influenced future generations of musicians, from Ghost to The Devil’s Blood, from Witchcraft to In Solitude, from Blood Ceremony to Lucifer, and even our festival.’

nown by many classic rock fans for JINX DAWSON’s early seventies hit, ‘One Tin Soldier’, from the counter culture flick Billy Jack, the song was an anthem for hypocrisy and added more mystery to COVEN’s occult imagery and aesthetics that laid the groundwork for hard rock and heavy metal.The band’s diabolical mix of proto-metal paired with dark psychedelica and prog was dabbed in deeply occult lyrics, and has always been a celebration of all things Left Hand Path.

Watch the video teaser for the latest release from Coven, “Light The Fire”, out on April 18th, 2016 exclusively from Nevoc Musick:

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