Allochiria – Omonoia by Soozi Chameleone

Rating: 4/5    
Distributor/label: Unsigned
Released: 04/01/2014
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[ALBUM] [Soozi Coleman] Allochiria - Omonoia

1.    Today Will die Tomorrow
2.    Oppression
3.    Archetypal Attraction to Circular Things
4.    We Crave What We Lack
5.    Charikleia’s Intermission
6.    K.
7.    Humanity is False






Band line-up:
Vocals: Irene
Guitar: John
Drums: Stef
Guitar: Steve
Bass: Ted


Psychadelic, post sludge rockers Allochiria have evidently spent the first five years since their inception in 2008 fine tuning and exploring the possibilities of their beautifully atmospheric sound. Opening with the lulling drudge of ‘Today Will die Tomorrow’, which kicks off with some sort of female voice box akin to Hawking’s form of communication but promptly evolves into a track which would not sound out of place on the soundtrack of some sort of epic, post- apocalyptical Hollywood Blockbuster, Allochiria clearly know how to seductively draw you near. Once the soul piercing, screaming growls ooze from the bowels of vocalist Irene, you have well and truly succumbed to their allure.

Next track ‘Oppression’, in contract, wastes no time in leaping straight at you with the near- black metal-esque gloom layered and intertwined in those acidic vocals again. The sound Allochiria have harnessed after five years of experimenting is, as a result a stunningly crisp and clean morphing of what we love best about the sludge/metal genres. The eerie effects placed upon the reverb maintain that black-like ambience and the chunky but polished, sludgy riffs provide the clarity that can be heard throughout. When slathered with the eroding vocals, it all makes sense.

‘Archetypal Attraction to Circular Things’ sends you into a realm you never want to leave, with its almost whale-calls of samples dripped into the mix and the slicing tingles of cymbals, used with absolute maximum effect. Emotions and deep thoughts are teased out of you as this record plays out, in an almost, ‘let’s contemplate our existence whilst sitting on this window sill’ kind of way. It is a stunning record to undertake some deep reflection to whilst staring out at a glorious view, but not one that will actually make you jump from that window; it is too gorgeous and luxurious for thoughts as dark as that!

‘We Crave What We Lack’ is probably intended to be the more typically ‘sludge/metal’ track with its repetitive riffage, relentless consistence on the vocals and a predictably placed breakdown with a clean guitar riff that creeps in. Some of the most superb production can be heard on this track, although it is not the strongest on the record. Several awkwardly sewn together sections make for the most unoriginal track on the album. I get a sense it was included in an attempt to broaden their appeal, which to be honest will probably be effective.

‘Charikleia’s Intermission’ shakes things up yet again with more experimentation with styles- the rolling, almost tribal drums bring a while new element to the album as a whole- and that psychedelic vibe they emanate all so vibrantly can be felt in full force. Some variation in vocals would be welcomed, but the staple style works well as the constant an a record that is ever drifting and flowing through a multitude of styles and ambience. ‘K’ is a welcomed blend of soft to heavy, light to dark, but is not a stand out track.

‘Humanity is False’ gave me a little start as it kicked off when I was not expecting it! It sounds pathetic but it is true; Allochiria seem to favour their longer, gentle introductions to songs, but this burst through the seams a little prematurely based upon the rate I was more familiar with. Not to say this is a bad thing, it certainly keeps you on your toes. The majority of the track eases down into a gentle pace with soothing wails from the guitars, the signature tingles courtesy of the drummer’s cymbals and the infamous burning, searing vocals what rudely interrupt the serene atmosphere that is so lovingly crafted.

Overall, I adored this first offering from Allochiria and I can only wish they continue to carefully craft their sound in order to continue producing records with such refined and effortless skill. It sounds as though it would be easy to replicate, and it probably would be, but the point is, they have devised this sumptuous sound themselves. Any replication would not be quite as attractive. The only thing that lets them down is actually an assumption and that is the assumption that they may not be able to translate the same atmosphere onto the live stage, and that unless they broaden their horizons outwardly, they will soon fade into oblivion.

Their next record will need to be another refreshing evolution for them to continue to hold my and many others’ attentions.

Review by Soozi Chameleone