All Hell – The Grave Alchemist

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Prosthetic Records
Released: April 2017
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Band line-up:

Jacob Curwen – Vocals and Guitarall hell
Kurt Henderson – Drums
Erik Ballantyne – Bass


1 – Grave Alchemy
2 – Necrosophia
3 – Wed The Night
4 – Vampiric Lust
5 – The Castle
6 – Laid to Unrest
7 – Memory Tomb
8 – The Madness Out of Time
9 – The Thing in The Ground
10 – Return of The Reaper
11 – Elixir12 – I Am The Mist


Asheville, North Carolina bring us their finest sons, All Hell with the tremendous offering “The Grave Alchemist”. Pardon the pun, but I can dig it. This being their 3rd release in just over as many years, All Hell seem to be on quite the mission to spread their word to all that will listen, and listen you should if it’s black thrash mixed with a shit ton of other influences you are after.

To label this band a one trick pony would be to your detriment, as one listen will prove that although figuratively young in the grander scheme of things, these guys kick some serious arse.

Production values seem on the raw side,but I really don’t think you could achieve the sound All Hell manage to create without that rough edge, giving the whole album an old school vibe without sounding like they are going out of their way to achieve it. The vocals can be a little thin at times but the lyrics are still audible, and the song titles give a fair enough idea of the intent of each song, so this album isn’t going to leave you scratching your head wondering what they are on about. This is pure malevolence put to music.

Opening track “Grave Alchemy” is an absolute beast of a song, with moments that give a nod to Celtic Frost at a hectic pace. The rest of the album pretty much follows suit- moments of intense fury with punk attitude, thrash sensibilities and black metal ungodliness. “The Castle” is a fine example of their ability to juxtapose several styles in one song to mighty effect. The whole album is particularly solid with very few weak points. “Memory Tomb”   pulls together all of these influences into a great concise track. My only complaint is that I wish a few of these songs would go a little longer! Their final song “I Am The Mist” will sound very familiar to some, but exceptionally well done indeed.

An absolute cracker of an album, one that will no doubt please many of you out there, so stop reading this and go get amongst it if you haven’t done so already- you fools!!

Review by The Great Mackintosh