Alien Ken – Contact by Angie Smith

Rating 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Alien Ken Inc. /Record Union
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Released: 2014
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Alien Ken - Contact

Band line-up:
Alien Ken
Track listing:
1. Content is King
2. Wrath of Noro
3. Fall at my Feet
4. Cleanse my Claws
5. Two Bad
6. Glitter Rambo
7. The Drifter
8. Mirrored
9. She




Alien Ken, is best known for his work with K[nine] and Moth Circus with ‘Contact’ being solo-project. He wrote, recorded and produced all the material himself, breaking his boundaries, he manages to mix genres and has his own unique style.

His debut album features 9 hard rock style tracks and follows up from his previous releases; “Son Extraordinary”EP from 2012, with his first single called “cleanse my claws”, which was released in September 2013. The track was actually nominated for “Best new song 2013” in UK radio station TBFM`s award show.

The album starts with the track Content is King; the lyrics to this track have been well thought out as you cannot tell from the intro how it’s going to sound but you really do get thrown by it as with most bands when doing an album they have to think on the order of the tracks and this 1st track gets you into the mood to want to listen to the album. With track  ‘Wrath of Noro; which shows the diversity of having so many influences and  I think it captures the things you need for all ages and genes of an album and this will certainly have moshing away to it.
‘ Fall at my Feet’ will be amaze you! As I said about different genes in this album,  you can definitely hear them from death metal all the way through to punk rock this is the track that will appeal to the younger generation.

‘Cleanse my Claws’ really stumped me, as I was enjoying it but also trying to imagine what the video would be like for this track if they did one it as it would be a real mind blowing video as you can tell from the lyrics and it really throws you into an emotional spin, where you just want to thrash your head and body around to it.

‘Two Bad’; think the talking at beginning was not needed as the intro and lyrics have you addicted to the song from the start. This can sometimes put some people off wanting to listen to the track but what we also have to remember is how hard it is for any artist or band doing an album on what works and what doesn’t but even though they can get it wrong sometimes the rest of the tracks are so awesome.

‘ Glitter Rambo’; what a cool title for a song! When I saw the title I had to laugh as I imagined Sly Stallone running around in a glitter army outfit… I’m sure this can’t just be me who thought this? Also this track could also be an outside sound track for a movie as it as all that beat for it.

Even though the riff at the beginning hurt my ears track ‘The Drifter’ did not put me off as I got the impression this could be an up to date version of the devil went down to Georgia and everyone would really be atomised by this track.

I was waiting for the softer track with this album and ‘Mirrored’ sees that a softer meaning song can break up an album perfectly and they don’t all  just do ear bashing tracks all the time.

Ending with the track ‘She’, was clever. Someone explaining their pain of losing someone, but also saying ‘Yes all this pain, I may have been knocked down but  I’m strong and I’m back again to carry on’, was a strong message to end on. A very interesting album!