Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen- An artist genius or just plain GaGa, by Sarah Willoughby

You may or may not have heard of English designer Alexander McQueen but he is making a big impact on the fashion circuit with his unusually curved boots and Oriental-styled heels!

Hitting the catwalk in the later months of last year was his spring/summer collection for 2010 which raised a few eye brows (including mine) with a few ‘confused-but-amused’ expressions as we saw the models strut down the catwalk in his kooky inventions.

Do they look familiar to you?
Well these images might tweak a few memories and trigger déjà vu, but they made an infamous appearance in Lady GaGa’s Music Video (Bad Romance), a few times, worn by the vibrant singer herself!

Now I don’t know who would wear these, they remind me of some thing the ever-aging spice girls would wear, like an upgrade from those hideous pumps that they use to wear in the 90’s!
The patterns are very alluring and attractive to say the least (well just put glistening sequins and shiny animal print on some shoes and I’m pretty sure that most women would go crazy for them!), but the overall appearance is semi-hideous.
I personally don’t understand the concept of the ‘curved boot’ as they remind me of something you’d parade around about in at a 70’s glamour disco.

Yet I shamefully admit that I am drawn to the blue-metallic heels. The colour is very attractive to me, as is the over-all style of them. They seem to resemble something that a female-villain would wear in your typical hi-tech martial arts film. (Yup I can just imagine some bad-ass chic parading around in a gangsters hideout in skimpy cat suit wielding two daggers in her hands, as she performs high kicks, drilling holes into her opponent’s eye!

I do apologies for my very descriptive approach on these particular heels but that’s all I can see them being used for as (to me) they appear not at all practical nor suitable for parading about the town due the ‘heavy’ and ‘weighed’ down appearance!
I think that they seem more suitable for display purposes only and should earn a rightful spot and the V&A museum for their over-all uniqueness and gaze-ability.

To rap this review it, whether you’re a fan of these shoes or not, you have to agree that McQueen is a creative genius!