Throne is in a lot of ways an album done backwards.” The journey that guitarist Francis Larsson has traveled since the inception of Aktaion in 2010 has been long and confusing, involving much in the way of writing and rewriting material, especially once you factor in the three other musicians brought onboard. 



Throne has undergone many evolutions. Keyboardist Jonatan Ney recalls one such example: “When Francis invited me to the project, I was to be the keyboardist of the band. I remember him bringing finished songs to me, written for two guitars, packed with interesting riffs and licks. The problem for me was to bring all these parts to the keyboard. Some riffs just ain’t meant to be played with keys.” The solution was to create whole new melodies to complement the riffs, but “in the end we felt that the sound became too symphonic. So I saddled up with my guitar instead, rearranged most of keyboard themes, and rerecorded them. The sound was so much more in your face, and the melodies really brought the songs to life.

The whole band stand defiantly by the album as a statement of intent. Croné comments, “after all of the tweaking and arranging we’ve shaped a very brutal and powerful musical statement, that I believe is both original and heaviest of the heavy. You feel when it’s the time to go full force into a project, and this is that time.” Snäckmark brings in a sense of camaraderie with this final statement: “There are no other guys that I want to play this sort of bombastic and brutal music with!

The EP is available on Bandcamp here: http://aktaion.bandcamp.com/releases


Tracklisting is as follows:
1. M.A.D. Ass Of A Catfish

2. Prison Walls

3. For All The Things That We Are!

4. The Cure

5. The Disease

6. Thousands (Ulver – “Blinded By Blood” Cover)

7. Sense Of Throne


RIYL: Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, progressive metal



Swedish metal outfit Aktaion formed as the project of mastermind guitarist Francis Larsson in 2010, initially as a studio-based outlet. With the band’s current lineup already performing and recording together in different groups, Jonas Snäckmark (Vocals), Jonatan Ney (Guitar/Keys) and Axel Croné (Bass) organically became involved in the recording process at an early stage. Three long years later, their first full-length Throne has now been released to the public.


Throne features the intense and distinctive compositions outlined by Larsson, with additional work done in collaboration with the members of the band. With Snäckmark Aktaion found the most aggressive vocals Sweden could offer, and together with their combined experience from different musical genres, Croné and Ney helped influence the sound and atmosphere you hear on Throne today.

The album is a product of all the members of Aktaion, and was produced, mixed and mastered by Francis Larsson. Recording took place in the different homes of Larsson during the extended recording process.

Aktaion are:
Jonas Snäckmark – Vocals

Francis Larsson – Guitars

Axel Croné – Bass

Jonatan Ney – Guitars, keys, vocals

Aktaion online: