Akerbeltz – Satanic

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Blackseed
Released: 2017
Buy Album [URL]: www.akerbeltz.bandcamp.com
Band Website: www.akerbeltz.bandcamp.com

akerbeltz - cover


Band Line-up:

Akerbeltz mercyless, all instruments


1. The Red Dragon
2. A Deed Without a Name 03:27
3. Ye Olde Hag
4. The Crypt
5. Beyond The Reflections 03:46
6. Witchery
7. Ludum Mortis
8. Opus Satanic
9. Chaos


Akerbeltz are a black metal band from Spain, formed in 1996. Over the years their releases have been sporadic, but now they’re back with their latest album Satanic, out on the label Blackseed Productions.

Track one ‘Red Dragon’ has that 90s black metal feel about it, and the descending chord progressions and basslines give it some gothic undertones. At just under six minutes, this is the longest track of the album with the rest being relatively short for the genre.

The next track is slightly more chaotic, in a positive way and again has those old black metal vibes. The third track takes things up a notch further, with an even more intense inferno of wailing guitars and blasting drums.

After this, nothing really stands out to me until track seven ‘Ludum Mortis’ with its frenzy of ever changing guitar work including tremolo riffing and screaming solos. The beginning of the song is better than the rest, it builds up too soon and the rest doesn’t live up to the start.

The vocals are great throughout and they have that genuine, slightly more obscure than harsh sound to them which marks the genre. The mixing is good, it’s not so clean it ruins the effect of the music and it has a slight roughness that compliments the music.

Overall it’s a decent listen which I’d recommend to fans of the genre.