Aiden – Some Kind of Hate by Jo Blackened

William – Vocals
Angel – Guitar
Zombie – Bass
Jake – Drums

Broken Bones
There Will Be Blood
Irony In The Shadows
London Dungeon
Grotesque Vanity
Freedom From Religion
The Courage To Carry On
In The End

I have to admit that it is really hard reviewing a band in a genre that you really can’t stand, but deciding not to be judgemental I thought id give Aiden’s new album ‘Some Kind of Hate’ a go!

This being their 6th full length album after only their fifth less than a year ago they put themselves in the Rock/Goth [????]/Punk category, I found these guys to be more like American Horror Rock/pop…?

It took me awhile to get into the album but I soon got what all the fuss was about, and I have to admit that this may actually be an album I will be listening to again!

Aiden are not a ‘bad band’ they obviously do have talent but I did find all the songs to be the same going over & over, with no depth to them or originality, but alas I can understand why the younger generation may find them to be great, with their horror aspect amusing!

Maybe it’s because I like REAL metal & don’t really get all this horror punk/post-hardcore/metalcore genres, that are all mixed up that I find to be immature and too simple but I will admit there was one track that did get my attention & that was track 8. Transmission & 4 – ‘London Dungeon’; a cover from The Misfits, so just goes to show I did find songs I liked on this album.

I have never liked anything from these guys before, but yet I have not been following them but I have to admit this album was better than I thought it would be, it has a great sound and production and the vocals are pretty good, so if you’re open minded & willing, id say yehhhh….have a listen, you may just like it!