AHP – Against Human Plague

Rating: 2/5
Released: 2016
Label/Distibutor: Via Nocturna Records
Label/Distributor URL: http://www.vianocturna.com/
Buy Album: http://vianocturna.bandcamp.com/album/against-human-plague
Band Contact: https://www.facebook.com/ahphorde

Band Line-Up

Gulnar – All Insruments
Aro – Session Bass and Additional GuitarsAHP
Nerexo – Session Drums


1. Against Human Plagues
2. Down Here
3. Unleashed The Storms
4. Dungeon Of Rotting Corpses
5. Homines In Igne Morti
6. Decay
7. Satan’s Millennium
8. Crawling Shadows
9. Drowned
10. Emotional Ecstasy


AHP (Against Human Plague) – the Norwegian Black Metal war machine have vomitted forth their self titled debut offering. It is a pitiless affair, which attempts to meld BM of the most ferocious with a more ambient cadence.

The album explodes with its opening track “Against Human Plague”, a snarling, seething blast of Black Metal nastiness. It is a straight ahead no nonsense sprint to the finishing line. Track 2 “Down Here” is a weak attempt at eerie ambient sounds, coming of more as filler than anything else.

Next up is the putrid, grim and charmless “Unleashed The Storms”, followed by “Dungeon Of Rotting Corpses” which is more shapeless ambient tosh.

The band finally deliver a track worth hearing with “Homines In Igne Morti”, with its impressive riffing and slightly more melodic approach, but the band fail to maintain this momentum as the album degenerates into more faceless bilge with “Decay”.

Track 7 is a cover of War’s “Satan’s Millennium. Having not heard the original song I am unable to offer a comparison other than to say that it seems like a few minutes of unfocused rage, not unlike a toddler’s tantrum. The band again descend into the dull with “Crawling Shadows”, which nearly sent me to sleep.

AHP then serve up the epic “Drowned”; a slower paced ditty with some truly spooky riffery. It is the best track on the album by a country mile. They round off proceedings with “Emotional Ecstasy” on which they actually get their ambient meanderings right. To no great surprise it is a cover, this time of a Beherit track. A triumphant end to what is overall a very disappointing effort.

AHP unfortunately fail to live up expectations. In my view the production job was poor, with the heavily treated vocals far too high in the mix. In addition to this, the majority of the ambient tracks just sound like amorphous blobs; it is as though Varg Vikernes half-witted little brother had gotten hold of a Casio keyboard. Moreover most of the BM numbers, in the attempt to sound “kvlt” and “trve”, are just samey and interchangeable. This is especially disappointing when they can write songs of the calibre of “Drowned”. Report reads “must try harder”.

Review by Owen Thompson