Agony Aunt

Auntie Alice Says

This horny little f*cker has a fetish for feet. I think that’s cool. Having my feet massaged and licked, toes sucked, are all great turn-ons for me. He was chatting about not getting enough hot sex from the Mrs. – they have been together for about ten years and the spark seems to be dwindling… I did my best to let him know that this was no real problem and it may just be he needs to light the fire of passion with some romance when he said he had a very delicate question for me. Intrigued I waited while he composed himself to ask the question ‘Do women like anal sex?’

Quickly I replied that of course they do… but why did he need to ask? He had been told that women think that anal sex is a big NO NO. So I explained that its not something you can just dive in and and just penetrate without some gentle training….
Anal sex needs a bit of planning, so talking to each other might be a good start. I suggested that during foreplay he should use his fingers to gently probe the rim of her anus and then, using a little lube, use a dildo to penetrate the anus while still playing with the clit….( of course !!) He said he had never done this before and was not sure how his lady would like it… I said to just remember that it may take a little while to exercise the anus for full penetration to be fully enjoyed….mmm

Anyway if you really want to have a great anal sex session get your lady to have a nice bath and use a very sexy dildo douche to – a) tease her gently and b) cleanse the anus… its best for you both – and no nasty moments…. (unless thats your fetish of course…)

If you do this she will be relaxed, horny and ready for further play time… lots of lube, and dildo action will help towards the moment when full penetration will happen… and yes she will squeal – with sheer delight… !!!

By the way, for your information there is a spot inside the anus that corresponds with the G spot in the pussy and, if you can double penetrate her with your love stick and a dildo ( better still TWO love sticks…mmm) she will squeal and squirt and love every moment… make sure the windows are closed – the nieghbours are out – or the neighbours are with you…mmm thats better

So are we happy?? Yes?? I’m sure this guy will get back to me soon and let me know how things went with his lady… but if you have any questions about sex please feel free to ask Aunty Alice… I only bite on request…lol xx Anal Sex on Altopedia