Agonoize @ Dark Castle Festival

14th July 2009, Review by Dj Rex
Photography by Nick Von Fiction

Not usually a fan of the one man on keys and another on vocals line up.. (I usually find it all a bit too much like karaoke) but Agonoize came across as much more than just that.
The opening of the show was totally rock n roll enough to stand up against any gig. Their image was also good to watch, with the white lab coat of the singer setting off the darker image of the keys player, with enough attitude to carry the gig well. The other pleasant surprise was the good sound balance between not so clean it sounded like the cd and not so rough it was too distorted to listen to.


The blood spilling from the vocalists mouth after the 2nd tune was a nice addition to the theatrics as well!


So, here we are, 3 tracks in and most of the crowd are, to one degree or another, dancing away, including some that seemed as though they wouldn’t normally like this kind of sound and were shocked that they could dance to it.


Then as if they had some telepathic connection with the people in front of them the next track from Agonoize was a stunning rendition of the Beastie Boys classic Fight For Your Rights, a version the beastie boys themselves might well have been proud of, now the crowd were fully awake and from then on things could only be described as relentless, although i did find myself longing for a guitar or some other live instrument just to provide some more variety, but still the show did keep my attention, especially with one or two very welcome changes of pace here and there.

According to their web site, the line up of Agonoize is Chris L : Vocals Mike Johnson : Programmation Oliver Senger : Programmation

I cant help thinking things wouldve been even better with a full line up, instead of the 2/3rds that were there that nite!!

So, the gig is hurtling towards its end and this might have been just a 2 man band, but they totally filled the stage at the garage with plenty of presence and did manage to put on an actual show, i would happily give this a 7 out of 10, the only thing that could’ve put that score up would have been the introduction of some more live instruments, but in all honesty they weren’t missed that much.