Adrian van den Broëck – Alchemist Hans Blomberg by Ben Spencer

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Independent
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Released: 2014

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Band line-up: One man project – Adrian van den Broëck

Track listing

1. Prologue
2. Hans Brain Right?
3. Airborn
4. Time for Distance
5. Cake
6. 6ewuij5
7. Mantis
8. Glass Wires
9. crawling
10. Passenger of Titan
11. Tihsyloh
12. Planet of the Piegonfeeders


Every now and then a concept record is released that stands out like no other. Such is the case with multi-instrumentalist Adrian Van Den Broeck’s Alchemist Hans Bloomberg, as the listener is taken on a galactic voyage across space with Han’s Blomberg and his unlikely bunch of friends.

Half portrayed through spoken narrative and melodic metal, right from the outset of ‘Prologue’, the story telling aspect of the record remains heavily intact as Han’s journey into outer space is ready to begin. The heavily guitar chug of ‘Han’s Brain Right?’ showcases Adrian’s impressive song writing skills that is accompanied with hard hitting drums and electronic beeps resonating throughout.

Throughout the head banging riffs of ’Time For Distance’ you certainly get the feeling that this is a record that must be listened to in its entirety from start to finish to get the full impact. Much like any journey, this album flows in many different directions and sparks a range of varying emotions along the way.

Standout track ‘Mantis’, breaks into heavy growls and double kick pedals, indicating a strong sense of urgency whilst ‘Tihsyloh’, gives a sense of wholeness to the space excursion.

The sonic driven ‘Planet of the Pigoenfeeders’ glides by with solid guitars and electronic textures, marking the final destination of this sprawling narrative.

This is a record that feels unique in its completeness and depiction of sound. Full of energetic instrumentation and characters that jump out like in any decent novel there is something memorable for any music lover to appreciate here.

Review by Ben Spencer