Accept – Blood Of The Nations by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Nuclear Blast

Most bands that do that make a come back seem to piss over their past glories, I was scared that Accept might be another example.

A band who had released `Restless and Wild` which I put up there amongst my favourite 80s metal albums, ok so they did release ‘Balls to the Wall` which more people seem to know but I always thought Restless was more metal.

Well they have just added another album to their catalogue, worthy of any Metal heads attention, no they haven’t reinvented the wheel here, this is that classic Accept sound, chug a chug metal macho lyrics and all, but some how it sounds fresh an album that is more than just for die hard fans only.

This is a raw, in your face Heavy Metal outing that revels in being just that and nothing more, in doing so shows many others how it’s done.