A Simple Equality – Adam Clark by Renata Lino

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: My Faye Records
Released: 2014
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Artist website: www.storiesofparoxysm-adam-clark.co.uk

Adam Clark

Band line-up:

Adam Clark – vocals and songs
Chicco Aurigemma – musical arrangements and instruments


1. A Simple Equality
2. A Flare Gun
3. To Defy Nurture And Exceed Nature
4. The Destroyer


“A Single Equality” is a quite somber 4-track neofolk piece whose quality, however, is dazzling bright – meaning that if you’re into this kind of music, you’ll probably like to check it out. Adam Clark and his androgynous voice bring you a modern kind of protest songs, with precious details yet where the simplicity of the guitar still aces.

The first and title-track has this tingling background sounds and delightful piano chords that will make you feel like you’re in a magic forest. I guess that singing about equality has its share of a dream…

“A Flare Gun” is more straightforward, pretty much just Adam’s vocals and guitars. The latter play in a more loose rhythm, which doesn’t mean it’s a happy one. The fingers just dance a bit faster over the strings, producing a beautiful melody to back up the sad story it tells.

Things get more experimental, even progressive, with the next track (starting with its long title) – “To Deny Nurture And Exceed Nature”. In here you’ll feel like Adam’s in one realm while the music is in another, but moving in the same direction. Exquisite and dark.

I don’t know if Adam is a Pink Floyd and/or draws any kind of inspiration from them, but the last song “The Destroyer” does have a classy Floyd ring to it. The whole EP is full of emotion, but this one somehow seems to be more heartfelt. Or heartbroken.

Review by Renata Lino