A Long Way To Fall – Hatemosphere

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/Label: Rockaine Records
Distributor/Label URL: http://www.rockaine.de/
Released: 2017
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Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ALongWayToFall

A Long Way To Fall Hatemosphere EP
Band Line-up:

Bastian – Vocals,
Daniel – Guitar,
Kevin – Guitar,
Stefan – Bass,
Thiemo – Drums.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. My Prison
3. Put It To Rest
4. Hatemosphere
5. Wrong Way
6. Out Of The Black
7. Against The Tide


It’s been well over a decade since the dawn of metalcore’s glorious ascent to mainstream prominence in this, the year of 2017. The early 2000s saw a number of bands rise to the upper echelons of metal’s heap with their blend of hardcore and metal that drew inspiration from the genre’s origins back in the 80s, but there was additional splicing added. Gothenburg-esque melodies and thrash riffs became staples, as were melodic vocals during those uplifting choruses. So with well over a decade of metalcore at its prime, what can upstarts A LONG WAY TO FALL offer a genre that has begun to be derided for growing stagnant?

Debut EP ‘Hatemosphere’ sees the group take their first dip into the ocean of metalcore, with riffs as far as the eye can see and a strong focus on songwriting. Tracks like “Put It To Rest” and “My Prison” offer up three-minute cuts of prime riffage melded with aggression and melodicism that’s every bit what is expected of the genre. The title track has to be regarded as the EP’s highlight: bruising and aggressive with one eye on the moshpit monkeys going ape for it when played live. And they will, make no mistake about that.

The production has the distinct feel of a band just starting out – there’s a rawness about the show that one would expect to be refined as A LONG WAY TO FALL mature. It’s not a bad thing, per se, but it does feel a little lacklustre in places. The breakdowns don’t hit as hard because of it, which is a little disappointing, and unfortunately doesn’t help lift ‘Hatemosphere’ to the level it needs to in order to stand out from the crowd.

It is still early days yet, but ‘Hatemosphere’ leaves the impression of “competent, but unremarkable”. There’s nothing new being offered to the genre that will make the listener sit up and take note, whilst the clean vocals could do with a bit of work – they sound strained towards the upper end of the range, thus they feel a little weak. It’s a shame as the melodies are pleasant enough, but it does negate the supposedly uplifting purpose of a metalcore chorus.

A LONG WAY TO FALL have the benefit of being at the start of their career (so they can’t really fall too far, can they?) ‘Hatemosphere’ as a debut EP has some decent work on offer, with the title track worth investing a little time in, but that alone won’t set the world on fire. Ramp up the production, strengthen the clean vocals and weave a thread of “new” into the fold, and A LONG WAY TO FALL will, indeed, have a long way to fall from the heights of a strong debut album.

Review by: Lee Carter