A.H.P.- Against Human Plague

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Via Nocturna
Released: 2016
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Band line-up:rsz_cover

Gulnar – All instruments
Aro – Session bass and additional guitars
Nerexo – Session drums


1. Against Human Plague
2. Down Here
3. Unleashed the Storms
4. Dungeon of Rotting Corpses
5. Homines In Igne Morti
6. Decay
7. Satans Millenium (War cover)
8. Crawling Shadows
9. Drowned
10. Emotional Ecstasy


Whilst ‘hipster’ and ‘shoegaze’ black bands such as Deafheaven and Myrkur dominate the extreme airwaves in some circles, there is, and it seems that there always will be, a heap of bands that admire and replicate the second-wave style. A.H.P. is definitely a band of that ilk, even sticking to the infamous ‘one-man band’ formula (except for the use of two session musicians).

Even if you are as passionate about this genre as I am, this new LP is really nothing to get excited about. It is a forgettable fog of unimaginative riff after unimaginative riff, only interspersed by the frequent and lengthy, but equally unimaginative ambient interludes such as ‘Down Here’ and ‘Dungeon of Rotting Corpses’ which both sound like almost identical tracks. Vocalist Gulnar’s style is almost anonymous, stripped of any animated integrity with a chemical sounding distortion effect. This all leaves me feeling uninspired and tired.

Fortunately, after the War cover, ‘Satan’s Millenium’, the compositions improve; this better section of the album waved in with the eerie, Hammer horror style stirrings of ‘Crawling Shadows’. But despite the more enjoyable melodies of the, again, ambient closer ‘Emotional Ecstasy’, which is a cover track again, there’s very little about this album which makes it worthy of another listen.

I had a slight headache when I started to listen to this album, and these ten tracks made it a bit worse, but that’s the greatest impact it had. And unless a listener wants to put the real effort in required to gain any kind emotional evocation from this album, I’d steer well clear, and look elsewhere for good quality traditional BM.

Review by Jarod Lawley