A clockwork Odyssey by Mike Calder

Many years ago (13 to be exact), a Gothic Rock band started their career in Seattle. They released 7 albums over a period of 9 years. With limited success they decided to take a new approach, new members and a new style.
2006, our band, with their new line up are on board an aircraft, when a freak storm comes in. In the midst of the maelstrom an airship appears. This is no normal airship, but the time travelling airship Ophelia, built by the legendary Dr. Leguminous Calgori. The band then decided to commandeer the vessel for themselves, and there was born the legend of Abney Park, the only Airship Pirates!
Moving from their Gothic/Industrial roots, Abney Park took a new turn in their career and have become possibly the quintessential Steampunk band. In 2008 they released their first album under this new guise, Lost Horizons. While a few Gothic elements were definitely still visible within the music, the first track from the album, Airship Pirates, is a fantastic reminder of where the band are now.
Since 2008, Abney Park have released another 2 full length albums, showing the hard work and determination this band have and their love for the Steampunk genre they are helping to carve a niche for. Using electronics as well as instruments to create often haunting but always enjoyable melodies, Abney Park truly are a band doing their own thing.
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