6:33 – Deadly Scenes

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Kaotoxin Records
Realeased: January 2015
Buy Album: kaotoxin.com/shop
Band Website: www.633theband.com

633 Deadly Scences
633 Deadly Scences
Line Up:

Rorschach – Vocals
Niko – Guitars
S.A.D. – Bass
Howanhkan Ithua – Keyboards
# – Keyboards

Track Listing:

1 – Hellalujah
2 – Ego Fandango
3 – The Walking Fed
4 – Im A Nerd
5 – Modus Operandi
6 – Black Widow
7 – Last Bullet for a Gold Rattle
8 – Lazy Boys
9 – Deadly Scenes


Parisian avant-garde rockers 6:33 have returned this year with their third album ‘Deadly Scenes’. Having previously been unfamilliar with the band and their two previous releases, I was unsure of what to expect. I thought to myself maybe the bands bio will give me an idea of what I am in for before I start listening. ‘Deadly Scenes’ is described in the bio as “the deformed mutant child of Tim Burton raping Devin Townsend and Mr Bungle in a deserted asylum.”

Now that I have had time to listen to the album several times it’s obvious that the love child born out of the previously mentioned sexual misdeed is more Mr Bungle than Devin Townsend. In fact it’s more like 6:33 have broken into a sperm bank, stolen Mike Pattons sperm and im-pregnated themselves via a turkey baster. I wouldn’t go as far to say that the bands sound is similar to that of Faith No More, Mr Bungle or Tomahawk. It just feels like the influence of the great Mike Patton and his various bands is fairly obvious throughout the record. This is most evident in songs like ‘Ego Fandango’ and ‘The Walking Fed’, wether its the vocal performance or the off beat tempo, the Patton shadow lumes large.

6:33 clearly have a lot of talent in their locker as they ar able to bring together various genres of music and make the contrasting styles work together pretty well. The best example of this being ‘Black Widow’, a frantic amalgamation of styles from metal and jazz to pop and circus music. Yes circus music. I agree it does sound bloody ridiculous but you know what, it kind of works. It’s what I imagine it sounds like inside the Jokers mind.

The album concludes with title track ‘Deadly Scenes’ which feels like a theatrical metal version of Eminem and Dr Dre’s Guilty Conscience. The song features tales of characters in different “Deadly Scenes”. From Glen, the man with a boyle named Susan on his as to Tiger the aging rockstar. This track is a thirteen minute genre hoping romp through the bands repertoire with all the bells and whistles. Like the earlier tracks it all seems to work pretty well, however it seems to trail of to a rather surprisingly anti-climatic end in comparison to the theatrics established throughout the album,

All in all, I actually enjoyed ‘Deadly Scenes’, it is a lot of fun. I can’t help but be impressed by the bands ability to successfully combine several contrasting styles of music. The one criticism would be that they do seem to lean on their influences quite a bit and they simply don’t need to. Be your own band 6:33, you are more than talented enough to do it.

Review by Mark Hunter