Rival Sons, Chinwag, by Shelia Hamilton

Rival Sons – Robin Everhart (Bass), Interview by Shelia Hamilton

Please introduce your band to The Independent Voice Ezine readers, when did the story of Rival
Sons begin?

Hello readers, nice to meet you. I’m Robin Everhart from Rival Sons.
We formed about 3 years ago when Jay joined the band. Miley, Scott and I
were already playing in a band with another singer, but then we heard Jay
and had to start over. Thus begun our slow steady clime to the top of the
How would you describe the band?

Like a bar fight.

What does Rival Sons stand for?

Introductions with pretty ladies or people of stature. The national anthem.
To take a pee.

What is your favourite song&/or album

Shit. Today? I might have to go with Ace of Spades and the whole first
Motorhead record… our driver’s been playing that one a lot.
What was the fans reaction to 2009¹s ŒBefore The Fire¹ and your Rival Sons
Ep that was releasedin Jan this year?

They’re mostly pissed they can’t find physical copies.

What were the main influences for the album, who/what are they and how did
they influence you?

Same influences for every album, really, which are just all our individual
influences: Heaps of old blues, Stax/Motown, Early rock’n’roll: Chuck Berry,
Elvis… We actually used a lot of gear that would have been used on Elvis
records. The biggest influence a part from the gear/microphones we used was
just the old asthetic of recording quickly, and keeping the mistakes in. No
click tracks. No Autotune. Everybody in the same room, amps on.

Do you have a particular writing process for songs or is it different for each song that you come
up with?

It depends on the song, definitely. We write the song we’re recording the
day off – so it’s really just how we’re feeling that day… Someone will
come up with a riff, and another will say, “Yeah – then let’s do this,” and
another will say, “No, that sucks – lets do this instead” etc.. until we get
a song out of it. Then we record it right then and there, so it’s fresh, and you can still feel the discovery in the takes. We really hate premeditated, laboured-over, polished turds {as the guitar solo from Free Bird plays in the background} and really take every effort to do NOT that. A lot of the record were captured within the first 3 takes. It keeps it fresh for us. Hopefully it translates.

How would you describe ŒPressure & Time?

Our second full length album. And it’s very good. In stores NOW
What is your favourite track from the album and why ?

I really like Only One – it’s kind of a deeper cut – has a great groove –
and had the biggest transformation from it’s inception. We struggled with
that one, and almost left it off the album, until Arlan put his magic on it
with the Wurly and B3 – and all of a sudden it just opened up and was all

Could you please talk us through your tracks that are on it?

Word descriptions are not my forte, but here goes…

1 All Over the Road – A Sly Stone inspired road-trip story, with braggadocio

2 Young Love – An Animals-esque tale of youth and love. Great swing from Miley on that one.

3 Pressure and Time – One of the few tracks with no overdubs. 4 piece band, swinging big dick

4 Only One – Feel good hit of the summer

5 Get Mine – Kind of a Kinks jam

6 Burn Down Los Angeles – This song should be played at sporting events.

7 Save Me – Two notes. Two feels.

8 Gypsy Heart – Fuzzy goodness. Psychedelic bridge

9 White Noise – One of the only message oriented songs we’ll ever do

10 Face of Light – A salad – a ballad, if you will – Jay wrote about his son. Another great
performance from Arlan Shirebaum

Gig wise you have had some fantastic support slots & festival appearances
this year,congratulations.

Yeah man, thanks! Rock Werchter, Bospop, 2 Sonisphere’s, High Voltage…
it’s been a busy year

How did the Judas Priest and Queensryche tour go?

Starts tomorrow – I’ll let you know

How was Sonisphere , T in The Park & High Voltage?

The Italian Sonisphere was feeling a little in trouble – they had a whole
stage cancel, so it was a little rough around the edges. Knebworth was
fantastic! The rain stopped long enough for us to play to our dry fans. But
I get the impression that they would have been happy in the rain, also.
Great crowd at that one! T in The Park was another wet one – and early in
the morning – but the people were beautiful and very friendly – we got to
meet Debbie Harry. Wanted to meet KT Tunstall, but didn’t. Couldn’t even
hear her because we had to peel out of there and on to the next town. That’s
definitely the down side to all this touring – being on these awesome
festivals, with amazing bands, and not being able to see them.

Do you have a particular favourite gig that you have done?

Opening for AC/DC was pretty rad.

Any particular gig story or memorable experience you would like to share?

I think my favourite gig story is the time we got booked at this HUGE,
classic venue in Cleveland, Ohio our first time through town. The theatre
must have held 3000, or something… We had multiple support bands cancel
last minute. We were contracted to play 90 minutes – to 10 people. The band
really took a turn that day. We gave those 10 people the best show we’ve
ever done. We really turned it on. It’s nice to know we can turn it on, on a
dime. We also sold a bunch of merch that show – goes to show you.

Do you prefer to play big open airs or club-tours?

I like it all – if I had to choose: Probably clubs – it’s more personal.

Do you find you get a different response in the UK to mainland Europe/USA

I can’t really compare UK to Europe, as I’ve only really done a handfull of
shows here, but I will say that the UK and Europe are definitely more hungry
for new music, it seems. Or maybe it’s just grass is greener syndrome. I
will also say I love the UK fans – we’ve had fans drive from Liverpool to
see us in Leeds. They really seem to get what we’re doing, and they’re so
down for it!

What do you like the least about today¹s music scene?

The control of the corporations.

What do you like most about today¹s music scene?

There are some amazing festivals, these days – really making a deluxe
experience of the whole thing

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans?

F8c3ing THANKS!!! and come say, “Hi,” at a show –