Another Perfect Day – The Gothenburg Post Scriptum by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Supreme Chaos Records

In the so over crowded metal scene it is always a pleasure to stumble across an album such as this.

Standing out from the rest around can be difficult but with the effort that has gone into this, the attention to every detail pushes this head and shoulders above most out there.

Three years in the making this the virtual solo project of musician/producer Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner is the perfect blending of Swedish Gothenburg death metal and the early 90s English Doom, switching from heavy to light with ease everything seems to be in it’s perfect place.

Even the lyrics are startling, the words are chosen not for their meaning but rather the way they sound, how they fit to each piece of music they are put to, so don’t expect to find meaning in there, this with all the other things that have gone into making this album gives the impression that what you have here is a work of art.