Madame Deviation and The Voice Inside Her Head

Madame Deviation and The Voice Inside Her Head
Answer 3 of your questions this month, the first being –“I want to have my tongue split – is this attractive to women? and what other modifications do women like?”

The voice – I think to a majority of women a ‘split tongue’ would be attractive… obviously for a sexual/sensual reasons, and also for sh*ts and giggles! Imagine having that ability to scare the hell out of innocent by-standers.


In all honesty, the only other body modifications I can think of that would be attractive to women would be ye old faithful tongue piercing (though, not as good as the split tongue) and the classic, the prince albert, I cannot think of any reason a straight woman would say no to a potential sexual instrument with a bit of metal stuck through it! I say this with no sarcasm.


The Madame – Haha I totally agree – I’d do it tonally for the sh*ts n giggles, but… thinking of it from a dykes point of view – I think it’ll be hot! But on a more serious note –
Gay, straight, Bi, Trans – Doesn’t matter – its a helpful little extra to have – plus with a tongue piercing, you can get ones that vibrate – takes some getting used to. Though, it doesnt make that much difference. Would be gutting if the lady you end up with didn’t think much of it – or – wasn’t all that sensitive down there…. Hmmm…. End of the day – Do it for you – not for anyone else mate!

“I’ve started finding ladyboys attractive – does this make me gay?”

The voice – I’ll start bluntly.. No. The fact that they are trying to resemble a woman, surely means you are attracted to their female state, rather than the male, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of men out there that think ‘ch*cks with d*cks’ are as fit as f*ck. On the other hand, if you’ve got more man on man porn than any other, I’m pretty sure you lean at least a little towards the gay side of life.


The Madame – Lady boys can be hot though…. Though I probably say that cause I’m gay! In my opinion everyone is Bi-Curious! (Whether you chose to admit it or not) It’s completely natural to explore your sexuality – There’s nothing wrong with experimenting. No point living in the closet the rest of your life. SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY – GET OVER IT! (and stop being a pussy – nothing in life is normal!)

“I’m being bullied at school for being alternative, what would you advise?”

The Voice – I’d like to tell you to get them on their own and beat them into next year, but this would probably result in you getting into a heck of a lot of trouble, though it may be worth it, depending on how badly they’re bullying you.
There’s an old cheesy line, “you laugh because I’m different, but I laugh because you’re all the same.”, I think this is pretty relevant.

Schools are useless for supporting those being bullied, the most support you’ll get from them is “just ignore them” and I for one know from experience that the hardest thing to do when you’re being picked on is ignore it. The only advise I can give you is play them at their own game, if they laugh at you, laugh with them, It confuses their tiny singular brain cell and don’t hide from them. If you hide, they know you’re feeling weak and this will just encourage them. You’ve gotta stand up to them, give as good as you get, and think, what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger, but keep your enemies close, just incase you’re friends turn out to be bast*ards 😉

The Madame – Nicely said, at the end of the day, at least you are open enough, and big enough to express yourself. I have a lot of respect for you! School is an especially hard place to be yourself! If they don’t like who you are, or how you dress, what you listen to… that’s their own problem! They don’t have to look at you, or even be near you – But hey, Look at it this way – You’ll be the one paying their wages one day!! It’s not cool to be a Sheep!! BAHHHH!! I did it all at school – Not only was I a lesbian, I was also fat and alternative and they gave up on me – I had better things to do than listen to what they had to say! Take it as a compliment – some people don’t even get noticed, that makes you kinda special!

Maybe even get behind the S.O.P.H.I.E campaign