100 Years – 100 Years

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Give Praise Records
Released: 2016

Band Line Up:

Roger Petersson
Pontus Andersson
Henrik Borg
Magnus Borg


1. The Medicine Knows My Name
2. Breath of Summer
3. Too Far From Goodness
4. Incendie
5. All Grey
6. Calling for Daylight
7. All the Fools and Me
8. The Flood
9. Concrete Eden

100 Years (self-titled) is the second album to be released by the rather electric punk-metallers 100 Years. Combining elements of raw punk, with gnarly passionate vocals and underlying industrial-metal tones, they have created an addictive and unique album.

Including (ex)members from Merciless, Dia Psalma, Snake Storm and The New Mess, 100 Years have created a distinct sound which cleverly combines elements of grunge and sludge with black metal and organic raw punk.

The passionate and organic vocals create a sense of doom and despair, predominately in the opening track ‘The Medicine Knows My Name”, where the lyrics ‘bring me my medication, my mind is a mess’ are sung with such a strong craving and desire for the medication, you can almost taste the mania.

Amongst the doom and gloom “All The Fools And Me” provides some light relief with a jovial and slightly manic introduction before the aggressive vocals begin. Another fast-paced and punky track is “All Grey”.

Midst the mania, the penultimate and final tracks on the album; “Concrete Eden” and “Incendie” are of a much slower tempo employing mesmerizing guitars and hypnotic drums, providing a much-needed come down from the mania created by the previous tracks.

Overall I found this album to be enthralling and weirdly enchanting. The vocals are bewitching and the guitars and drums create a doomy backdrop to this encapsulating and engaging album.

Review by: Pixee