“Amalgama” (Bitterpill Music – 2015) is a mix of energy and introspection, made both of delicate and powerful sound. Amalgama is now available worldwide in digital download and streaming!

039 (2)

039 is an Italian Prog Metal band with members: Ruggero Ascione (Guitar), Daniele Carozzi (Bass), Emanuele Rossi (Drums), Marco Zanibelli (Keyboards) and Bruno D’Aleo (Vocal) have been working for 2 years on this project.

The result is ”Amalgama”, an eleven tracks album (four of which are instrumentals) that sings about dualism of reality.

Life and death, love achieved and love which is lost, harmony and seclusion: these are the main topics in songs like “Mother”, “Dexter”, “Blood” and “What’s Left”. The “Glass Man” shown on the album artwork synthetizes the entire concept of this work: the individual, deprived by the delusion of his skin, shows his inner experiences, his true passions and desires, but also his most secret fears.

039 (1)Amalgama Tracklist:

1. The Dark Passenger
2. Dexter
3. What’s Left
4. Out of Time
5. Away From The Sun
6. Mother
7. Blood
8. Coma
9. Amalgama
10. Flowing Away
11. Disclosure

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